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Fire Fighting Equipment Traders Association – FFETA

In adherence to the FFETA charter, North Rand Fire Services warrants to:

  • Conduct itself at all times in accordance with FFETA constitution and code of conduct;
  • Meet with the SABS regularly and ensure standards developed are realistic in purpose and application;
  • Contribute to the Department of Labour’s endeavours to satisfy issues of safety and statutory compliances;
  • Maintain representation and regularly attend SAQCC (fire) meetings
  • Participate in SANAS national accreditation of test stations;
  • Enhances the future growth of the industry through the promotion of skills development.

Alliance Fire Graphics - EF.PDF666 KB
Aritech Certification - ZF.PDF697 KB
BBBEE North Rand Fire.pdf673 KB
cidb Certification.PDF1763 KB
E Forbes Practical Side of Fire Detection.PDF786 KB
Z Forbes SANS 10139 Part 1 & 2.PDF786 KB
E Forbes SANS 10139 Part 1 & 2.PDF786 KB
Aritech Certification - EF.PDF671 KB
DTI Department of Trade & Industry RSA - BBBEE certification.pdf185 KB
SABS 1475 Part 1 & 2 Cert.PDF753 KB
E Forbes Introduction to Fire Detection.PDF785 KB
E R T Hudson SANS 10139 Part 1 & 2.PDF786 KB

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